On this promising debut album, Beets and Meutgeert take familiar works by composers such as Wagner, Chopin, Piazolla, Jobim and Ellington, and inject them with the essence of jazz: swing and improvisation. The repertoire featured on this album consists of not only arrangements of existing pieces, but also new work by both Meutgeert and Beets.

Cover The Flying Dutchman

Henk Meutgeert is known as a dynamic band leader and energetic arranger.

Peter Beets is an acclaimed pianist who can carry an entire orchestra with his refined swing.

By leaving a lot of room for personal interpretation by the musicians themselves, while simultaneously keeping a tight grip through the arrangements, the New Jazz Orchestra formula achieves the maximum from both the musicians and the listener. Experiment and improvisation go hand in hand with the jazz tradition and a healthy dose of swing.

Line up

  • Henk Meutgeert – Conductor, composer, arranger

Rhythm section

  • Peter Beets – Piano
  • Tijs Klaassen – Double bass
  • Wouter Kühne – Drums


  • Jasper van Damme – Alto saxophone
  • Mo van der Does – Alto saxophone
  • Floriaan Wempe – Tenor saxophone
  • Fernando Sanchez Bouzon – Tenor saxophone
  • Rik van den Bergh – Baritone saxophone


  • Jos van den Heuvel – Trombone
  • Peter Keijsers – Trombone
  • Pablo Martinez – Trombone (Concertgebouw)
  • Alba Pujals – Trombone (Bimhuis)
  • Bart van Gorp – Bass trombone


  • Libbe Oosterman – Trumpet
  • Suzan Veneman – Trumpet
  • Gidon Nunes Vaz – Trumpet
  • Ellister van der Molen – Trumpet (Concertgebouw)
  • Ian Cleaver – Trumpet (Bimhuis)
  • Abriel Ferreira – Trumpet